My journey towards choosing a home birth

20140821_150337I didn’t always want a home birth. I remember how crazy the idea sounded to me when a midwife during my first pregnancy back in 2008 asked me whether I’d consider giving birth at home. Little did I know that nearly 6 years later I would choose to give birth to my third child at home!

Before I get into it, I just want you to know that I didn’t write this post because I’m trying to convince you to have a home birth or because I think a home birth is for everyone. I didn’t write this post to tell you about the benefits of home birth either, which is why I won’t tell you WHY I ended up choosing one. I wrote this post because I want to share my journey and show you HOW it’s possible to go from not even thinking of home birth as an option to actually having one, and by choice. Continue reading