MummyNatal Hindon, Wiltshire


Hello, my name is Sharon and I am mum to a gorgeous and very lively five year old. I teach MummyNatal and BabyNatal classes in the lovely village of Hindon, Wiltshire

I have been a teacher with The Natal Family since 2013 and in 2015 I decided to add MummyNatal to my portfolio of classes as I love the MummyNatal ethos. I love the fact that MummyNatal classes don’t teach a specific way of doing things, but help you to find your own way, and what’s right for you…true empowerment! No two births are ever the same, and MummyNatal embraces birth in all shapes and forms, helping you to stay calm and confident no matter what your birth journey may be.

For more information and to book a class contact

Tel: 07725 804775
Facebook: babynatalbasingstokeandwinchester
Twitter: @Timeforbirth