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This week we have a fantastic guest post for you, written by one of our MummyNatal teachers, Jenni Eade. Jenni is a mum of 2 and a MummyNatal teacher for Cheshire, Manchester, and Tameside, and in this post, she shared the reasons for training with The Natal Family and becoming a MummyNatal teacher. We hope we enjoy her post as much as we did! Jenni Eade MummyNatal classes Manchester Tameside Cheshire

The life changes and decisions I have made all stemmed from a huge life alteration I experienced not so long ago: pregnancy. I found being pregnant very exciting. Worrying sometimes, tiring a lot, but mostly exciting. During both my pregnancies people seemed to be nicer to me. Working life definitely got easier when I told my bosses, as they had to make changes to my duties to lighten my load. My family looked at me like I was the first woman ever to be pregnant, and I felt like I had achieved something magical.

After I’d finished being pregnant and had my 2 beautiful children, apart from exhaustion and self-doubt, I was full of questions. All the events in my life seemed to have a natural progression, but what was my next step after having children? I didn’t want to go back to my previous job which was too stressful, too time-consuming, now that I had my little family to care for. This is what I refer to as my ‘Mum-Life Crisis’. I’d hit a natural pause in my life and needed to reflect. I hadn’t been happy in my teaching job since going back part-time after my first maternity leave. Something had to change; I couldn’t change everything else around me, but I could change myself.

Along with those feelings of needing to change becoming stronger, I still had lingering negative emotions about my daughter’s birth.  I felt like decisions about my baby had been made for me, instead of with me. I only began to find out about and understand birth choices when I researched my own situation, and I strongly felt that there must be something else for pregnant women, something that helped us to properly find out what choices we had and which options could work for us.  At some point, shortly after I had my daughter, I found MummyNatal and realised this was something that felt right.

The Natal Family ethos felt like an ideal fit for everything I had learned about myself during that stressful second pregnancy. From the mindfulness-inspired breathing practice to the movements on a birth ball (completely revolutionary to me – at the hospital, I’d just had one rolled in front of me and been told to bounce), right up to the variety of ways to manage any strong sensations and engaging the mind-body connection. What felt most important to me was the emphasis on informed choice – nobody saying ‘you should do that’ or ‘you must do it this way’. There were so many options open to all expectant mums, new roads and signposts for mums and dads-to-be to find their own path, along with completely unbiased pregnancy and childbirth education – no agenda, no negativity, just information about finding your own way.

During my training with MummyNatal I loved that they placed such importance on the idea of being open, finding what felt right for each individual woman, and what each individual birthing partner and father hoped for too. Parents aren’t just a number through the door, another appointment ticked off; I had the strong feeling that I was part of the family, and all of the parents we meet are part of that family. What they each experience really matters to The Natal Family. I felt this was what I had missed in both my pregnancies. If only there had been a MummyNatal birth preparation teacher in the area for me! Sadly there wasn’t, but I am glad that I can step into that space and hopefully help guide expectant parents through all the information I wish I’d had.

I am currently nearing the end of teaching my first term of MummyNatal pregnancy classes, and it has honestly been wonderful, as well as a huge learning curve. I have connected with some inspirational people during my training and some fantastic mums-to-be during my teaching. I can be with my children during the day and teach my antenatal classes in the evenings. Because the classes are so relaxing and everything within the lesson plan feels so logical and natural, the preparation for class does not feel time-consuming. Being in the class itself provides me with my own mindful time, which I badly need in my life at the moment. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back on my decision to leave my job and re-train, and I know that I can keep working hard to expand my teaching skills and reach even more parents in my area.

We found Jenni’s story really uplifting and empowering, and we hope you enjoyed it too. If you wish to get in touch with Jenni, you can find her on her website Your Birth or on her Facebook page

If you’re not in Jenni’s area and want to find out more about any MummyNatal classes near you, you can find your local teacher here. And if you would like more information on training with The Natal Family just drop us an email with no obligation on

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