About us

Founder : Stephenie Beaumont


Steph is a MA Hons graduate from the University of Cambridge. She worked for 8 years supporting children and their parents through advocacy and empowerment services. This included working with children labeled as ‘hard to reach’ – including those with profound and multiple disabilities. She became adept at working with children, using & developing alternative and augmentative communication tools to hear THEIR voice. Steph won several awards for her work, such as the LAYSER award for ‘Most Empowering’ professional working with children in the East in 2004, and the CSIP ‘Putting People in Control’ award in 2006, for her work in empowering children to have a voice in decision making and controlling their own lives. Steph then developed to working as a trainer, training other professionals to engage with children, to use reflective practice and provide more person-centered, empowering systems of working. She has had two resource kits published, aimed at school/youth work professionals, on how to empower children.

Steph has four children and her passion is focused on the empowerment of parents and children in the immediate antenatal/postnatal period. She has trained in several disciplines including as an Antenatal, Birth & Postnatal Doula, Antenatal Educator, HypnoBirthing practitioner and in infant massage and movement. She teaches widely, including private classes as well as on behalf of Children Centres and Peterborough City Hospital, running the leading private antenatal education provider in the East Midlands area.

The Natal Family and all of its antenatal and postnatal programmes, are born out of Steph’s experiences as both a mother, a Doula and antenatal professional. Steph brings her own empathy as a parent, experience of working with 1000s of parents and children over 10 years, as well as a genuine empowering approach honed through working at the forefront of advocacy services. Steph’s vision is for accessible education & genuine empowerment, so parents learn skills, make their own birth and parenting decisions, and grow in self-confidence.

Steph’s home birth experiences of her third and fourth babies in 2013 and 2015 confirmed 100% for her that MummyNatal was on the right path as an antenatal programme. She says ‘I would describe them as completely empowered and mindful birth experiences. From beginning to end, I was completely aware of what was happening within my body, but I focused only on the given moment. There was some pain at times but I was able to accept it as a normal sensation and kept calm using my breathing and focus practice. Keeping present in the moment meant that I wasn’t wasting energy thinking fearful thoughts about the next contraction, what could go wrong or ‘I cant do this’. I simply focused on accepting one sensation at a time, enjoying the rest time between contractions, and held onto my confidence in my natural ability to safely birth a baby. They were amazing experiences—the best births ever!’

Read the story of Steph’s most recent MummyNatal birth here

Steph is an endorsed trainer by FEDANT (UK Regulator for Antenatal Education) for all the MummyNatal, BabyNatal and the DaddyNatal Training Programmes.

FEDANT Registration Number: 12049

The Natal Family Training School Director : Sharon Johnson

Sharon Johnson is Director of The Natal Family Training School and looks after all aspects of teacher training, mentoring, CPD and management of the school on a day to day basis.

Sharon is a very experienced Natal Family Practitioner, having run her own successful businesses teaching the full range of MummyNatal and BabyNatal classes over several years. She delivers all of the Natal Family training and assessment for practitioners joining, and provides a full range of ongoing support and mentoring services for practitioners in all aspects of running their businesses and teaching Natal classes.

Sharon also has a strong business background having worked as a Senior Manager in several different national retail businesses, and also built up several of her own successful companies. She has trained as an Antenatal and Postnatal Practitioner, Developmental Baby Massage Practitioner and Paediatric First Aid Trainer with The Natal Family.

Sharon is also responsible for the continued growth and development of The Natal Family Training School, and has many exciting plans for the future of the school. She is incredibly passionate about The Natal Family and believe in genuine empowerment, so parents learn skills, make their own birth and parenting choices, and grow in self-confidence as a parent or carer.

Sharon is a FEDANT (UK Regulator for Antenatal Education) accredited trainer for all MummyNatal and BabyNatal Training Programmes.

Sharon works closely with The Natal Family Founders – Steph and Dean Beaumont – on brand development projects.

Sharon: FEDANT registration number 12832