Teacher Training

Train to support families to have a more empowered and enjoyable birthing experience!

Mnpic4smWith MummyNatal you can train to support parents through weekly classes for mums-to-be, and Couples Natal Birth Workshops.

MummyNatal practitioners train over approximately a 6-12 month period. This includes 5 days of face-to-face training with The Natal Family Training School Directors, 90 hours of home study and reflection, practice teaching and of course final examinations. This learning is documented within a MummyNatal portfolio. We strongly value CPD and teachers must complete recognised CPD hours each year to remain licensed.

MummyNatal utilizes the expertise of a range of professionals for your training, as we believe it will be more engaging and enjoyable for you, and it also allows you to learn from people with a real specialism and passion in diverse areas. All our trainers are professionals who we believe to have an empowering approach and follow best practice.

What our trainee teachers say

‘I thoroughly enjoyed all weekends of the training, so much so, that i wished there was a few more days to attend!!!

It was very informative and alot of the topics we discussed were inspirational in so many ways;not only to be used in our teaching, but also things we can apply to our every day lifes. The whole concept of ‘mindfulness’ was explained in such simple terms, that i found it quite easy to grasp and I have already started using it.

I wish i myself had attended MummyNatal classes during my two pregnancies as i feel it would have really affected my entire approach in a much calmer and positive way. Having attended NHS antenatal classes, attending the MummyNatal training was very refreshing. I especially love the ‘non-prescriptive’ approach in all concept of dealing with labour and birthing. 

I found the sessions very informal and relaxed, which was great, as I (im sure others were too) was quite nervous. I am very excited about starting my teaching and becoming a part of The Natal Family!’ 

Ascia, MummyNatal Middlesex, Trainee Nov/Dec 2014

mn1smTraining intakes 2018

Teacher training is over 5 days.

Our Spring 2018 training intake will take place in Wiltshire and our Autumn 2018 intake will take place in Leeds.


What is Required?

To satisfy our training requirements, you must have:

  • Experience birthing a baby
  • An empowering & non-judgmental approach towards other parents and birth
  • A desire to support other expectant parents to learn about birth

MummyNatal educators train over approximately a 6-12 month period.

Training includes home study and reflection, via handbooks, mentoring and DVD observations, practice teaching and assessments.

What is it like being a teacher?

Read about the experiences of Amanda, our MummyNatal teacher in North Leeds here!

Your MummyNatal training fees include:

  • 35 hours of direct training with The Natal Family Training School Directors
  • All your training manuals
  • A basic teaching kit worth over £100
  • A profile on the MummyNatal website
  • Marketing and Social Media Support
  • A MummyNatal email address
  • An exclusive teaching territory
  • Your first year’s licence fee

Your fee does not extend to overnight accommodation for the training.

To request a MummyNatal Training Pack or to reserve your place on a training weekend, please email MummyNatal